my boy is eight today

max turner oestreicher turns the ripe old age of eight today. such a great kid: smart, funny, focused, creative, affectionate. last night max made me a ‘scavenger hunt’ (just for the fun of it) that had me going all over the house and yard from clue to clue, to get to the final piece of paper that just said ‘i love u!’

this morning, max’s class got krispy kremes in honor of max. and tonight, he gets to pick the restaurant for dinner. i’m guessing he’ll go with IHOP — he’s a pancake freak, and he says, ‘they have the best pancakes IN THE WORLD!’

4 thoughts on “my boy is eight today”

  1. You should probably change your bio to credit Max with the correct age. I have really enjoyed your blog since I found it after the Nashville NYWC.

  2. That is so sweet. He seems like he keeps you on your toes with lots of love as well. That is how my family is to, the birthday person picks the place to eat that evening. Fun tradition I think.

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