my church’s middle school worship band plays at camp

one of my happiest moments when i went to middle school summer camp with my church last week was when our middle school worship band took the outside stage, impromptu, for about a half hour one afternoon. it was during free time, and the camp’s “student band” had been leading a small handful of campers in a little afternoon worship. but most of the kids in our band happened to be there, so they led a few songs after everyone was clearing out.

here’s what i love about these moments, which are far from musically stellar:

1. clearly, these are real middle schoolers, through and through (all 7th graders, with an 8th grader on bass). no ringers here. and not an adult anywhere in sight.

2. they were being middle schoolers, and that meant wearing the goofy western wear for spirit points, or being awkward, or whatever.

3. if you watch the videos, you’ll see the occasional zip-liner fly past in the background!

4. that’s my 13 year-old son, max, on drums.

man, i love middle schoolers. every time i watch these videos (and i have several times now), i’m reminded of that.

4 thoughts on “my church’s middle school worship band plays at camp”

  1. This just TOTALLY made my day. And somewhere there are some high school kids missing youth group a bit as they get ready for college or work, not even realizing that they probably influenced this great bunch of junior highers who had watched them over the years. LOVE IT.

  2. love the kid that flies by on the zipline (part 1 around the 1:20 mark)

    thanks for sharing Marko…passing this on to some of our worship guys, we’re entering the JH Band territory so it was great to see this

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