my current blogroll

here’s what i’ve got in my bloglines these days. i try to keep it paired down — i just don’t have time to read hundreds of blogs every day. but these are the ones i look at at least once a day. the categories are somewhat arbitrary – they’re just what work for me!

emerging church
zach lind (the drummer from jimmy eat world. zach’s a great thinker, and mostly posts about faith and religion and politics)
jonny baker
lilly lewin
emergent u.s.
steven shields / faithmaps
mark scandrette
doug pagitt
emergent village blog
andrew jones
tony jones
earl creps
dan kimball

junior high summit (these are the peeps i meet with once a year for the ‘jh pastors summit’ – they’re buddies of mine, and i welcome their thinking about young teen ministry to push and pull my own thoughts.)
alan mercer
jason raitz
nate rice
judy gregory
kurt johnston
alan ramsey
johnny scott
andy jack
sean meade
jim candy

Youth ministry (this is a tough category for me, because there are SO many wonderful youth ministry blogs. i read dozens and dozens more than this on an occasional basis. but these are the handful i find the most thoughtful and challenging.)
blair bertrand
chris folmsbee
damien o’farrell
mark riddle
mike king
ypulse (ypulse isn’t a youth ministry blog, actually. it’s the blog of anastasia goodstein, who has her finger on the pulse of youth culture and marketing like no other. i have this in my ‘youth ministry’ category because i always find things that make me think about youth ministry.)

Journey (my church)
brian berry (the high school guy)
josh treece (the junior high guy)
riptide parent blog (the parent blog for our junior high ministry, in which i am a volunteer.)

scot mcknight
my anonymous friend in the UK
seth barnes
think christian
naked pastor (my newest blogroll add. just love this guy’s honesty. he’s the “real live preacher” for 2007.)

ys staff
renee altson
mindi godfrey
jen and jay howver (this blog is dedicated to jen and jay’s pursuit of an international adoption.)
alex roller (alex doesn’t actually work at ys anymore — but i still think of him as part of us.)

dave barry
the wittenburg blog

Music & media (this is an absurd category. how can i lump together two david crowder band blogs with dwight schrute’s ficticious blog? sorry, david.)
david crowder
david crowder band
dwight schrute

bob carlton
dave palmer
mark dowds
paul chambers
sam harvey

my kids
max (max isn’t posting often, but they’re fun when he does.)
liesl (liesl seems to have given up on this after two posts, but she promises she hasn’t. we’ll see.)

8 thoughts on “my current blogroll”

  1. Great list! I can tell you like to stay up on the forefront of what God is doing! Appreciate you sharing this!

  2. Marko, Max is FUNNY….tell him to blog more often. I find his posts quite entertaining. Tell Liesl to just post whatever is on her mind….even if that means she has to blog about what a pain having a little brother is.

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  4. Happy New Year man! I look forward (as always) to learning 30 billion more things about the church and ministry and how to impact students from this blog then I ever did in Bible college.

    This blog is a great inspiration, a resource of resources, and more often then not a source of humor in a world that has forgotten how to laugh… so thanks!

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