my expectations of our haiti trip

our “youth ministry advance team: haiti” leaves this coming thursday. one of the adventures in missions guys asked our team, on our private team facebook group, to articulate some of our expectations for the trip. here’s what i wrote:

i expect to struggle with my emotional response

i expect to get pissed off — maybe by the gravity of the situation, maybe by a team member, maybe my own attitude

i expect to be blindsided by things i didn’t expect

i expect to wish i hadn’t gone on this trip, but be glad i did

i expect to laugh and cry

i expect to sleep poorly and be overly concerned about my stuff

i expect to be afraid at some point

i expect to struggle with the material blessings of my life

i expect to wish i could do more

i expect to be thankful that AT&T is offering free calls, text and data throughout our trip

i expect to struggle with how to put words to what we’re experiencing

i expect to sweat

and i was comforted by the response of our trip leader, seth barnes, who i know to be a person deeply connected to god:

I expect to see all my wonderful logistical preparation fall apart and then as my frustration builds and dependence grows, I expect God to do what he always does – step in and show himself strong in my weakness.


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6 thoughts on “my expectations of our haiti trip”

  1. Good blog, dude. Thanks for sharing this. I think that it’s good to articulate expectations and then give them up to God. I find myself having to do this often.

    Is it bad that I could relate to this one?

    “i expect to get pissed off — maybe by the gravity of the situation, maybe by a team member, maybe my own attitude”

    Appreciate your candor. Praying for the whole group…

  2. Upon his return from Haiti, I spoke with a friend who spends quite a bit of time in regions hit by natural disasters and he said that Haiti was one of the most emotionally and spiritually challenging situations he has experienced. I will be praying for you and your team while you are away. Good for you, by the way!

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