my name is russell fink

russell fink.jpgmy name is russell fink, by michael snyder.

this was one of the many books i get sent in hopes that i’ll read and review them on my blog. i love that, but can’t get to many of them (many are on my “to read” pile in the hope that i will, eventually, get to them!). but this one, from my own parent company, zondervan, caught my eye as a potentially unique book of christian fiction. and i was right in that — it is not like most (or any?) christian fiction. which is probably a major reason i loved it.

russell fink is a slacker, to put it bluntly. really, just a loser with a loser job, and a horrible fiance, and a closeted alcoholic mother, and a disgraced faith healer father, and… the list goes on. oh, and an old dog russell likes to get drunk on whiskey-soaked doggie biscuits and who, russell is convinced, is somewhat prophetic or clairvoiant when doggie-drunk. yeah. did i say it’s christian fiction?

oh, and the story has a doggie murder mystery in it. and a roomate who’s engaged to an astronaut.

ok, i’ll stop with the details, because i might scare you off. michael snyder (the author) is one of those writers who makes me jealous. while truly enjoying the story, i was regularly distracted with the thought, “oh, man, that was a great sentence — i wish i could write a sentence like that.” and, of course, there are some wonderful and noble themes, some coming-of-age stuff, some coming to terms with one’s own parents and past stuff, some relational stuff, and — mostly — some “what to do with a god who just doesn’t make sense to me” stuff. not a bunch of pretty and easy resolve, as you might expect from christian fiction. more great questions than great answers.

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  1. Mark,

    Thank you so much for your generous comments…here and over on amazon. The last paragraph of your review is one of my favorite paragraphs ever. I’m honored you took the time and trouble to say nice things about my book. Thank you…


  2. I absolutely love when I am reading a book and I stop after a sentence and think – wow, that was so brilliantly put! This book sounds great. I will try to get ahold of it.

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