my pancreas is ticked

so, i’ve been semi staving off what I thought was a mild flu for the past twi weeks. and two days ago, it kicked into full warfare mode. my back was killing me, and I assumed the flu bug had settled in my back.

I felt negligably better yesterday, and decided to go on my planned trip to dallas today. max and I packed last night, and I printed out our boarding passes.

then, at 1am, I woke up with the back pain and stomach pain worse than ever. so I drove myself to the ER. after a long night of tests, they’ve admitted me to the hospital doe (likely) a few days with acute pancreasitus. basically, my pancreas is ticked.

oh, and the pain killer they just put in my IV is pretty strong and i’m struggling to not fall asleep as I type. enough. i’m off to legal-grug hospital la-la land.

please do pray. we have our anaheim cinvention next week.

16 thoughts on “my pancreas is ticked”

  1. i do hope you’re up and going again soon, but i have to admit… i loved the way you mentioned the painkiller and this post gradually slips into more and more typos. that says, “authenticity”

  2. oh, what a bummer. huge. I really identify with the la la land too. so sorry, that really sucks.

  3. I’m so sorry and hope that you didn’t catch anything from sitting in the same room with me. I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Just when you think theres nobody else out there that has had it as bad as you….
    A senior high student and I prayed for you this afternoon… after ice-cream…and after I explained your fro from the pic. Praying for you…

  5. Dude, my wife had that. It sucks. It is funny however to watch the typos mount after you described the drugs. I’ll see ya in Anaheim. I know you’ll be there.

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