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some time ago i saw this little personality test (a shortened myers-briggs thing) on someone’s blog (sorry, i forgot who, and can’t ht to you). finally took the test (it takes about 5 – 10 minutes to take).

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“ENTPs are idea people. Their perceptive abilities cause them to see possibilities everywhere. They get excited and enthusiastic about their ideas, and are able to spread their enthusiasm to others. In this way, they get the support that they need to fulfill their visions”

“ENTPs contribute an innovative, versatile, and enterprising approach to work. They view limitations as challenges to be overcome and look for new ways to do things. They need to find a niche for themselves in order to be free to maneuver. They prefer the start-up phase of a project rather than the followthrough or maintenance phase. Once the project is designed, they prefer to turn it over to someone else.”

18 thoughts on “my personality”

  1. That was interesting. I’m INFJ. (Sharing the boat with Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela) :-D

  2. I’m like you except introverted. (I try to keep my crazy on the inside, but sometimes, especially among my closest peeps, it slips out.)

  3. Marko… not only does facebook say that we are like best friends when it comes to movies… but now… I learn that we have the same personality……

    we are like twins… except… you clearly got the hair!

  4. Deirds: You are also the first one I have met online. But then this is also the first time I have ever heard about it. :-)

  5. I’m a big fan of this kind of testing (although I’m quick to point out to people that it is “descriptive” not “presecriptive”. It tells you who you were on the day you took the test not who you will/must be in the future). I’m an INTP, my daughter is an INFP. Learning the differences between those two types has immeasurably improved my relationship with the kid. I want to explain why bad things happen, she just wants a hug (grossly simplified).

  6. Thanks for the free personality test. It is always great to validate what you already know or who knows you may learn something new….

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