my summer availability (and the rest of the year too!)

an odd thing (or at least surprising to me) is happening on my calendar as i continue to book speaking engagements for this year and next. i’m getting a good deal of stuff in the short term (through may), and i’m getting a couple things per month for the fall (though i certainly still have space there). but my summer is surprisingly open. and, while i’m trying to develop both my consulting and coaching work, speaking engagements are my primary source of income (plus, i love doing them!).

so, if you’re still looking for a speaker in june, july, or august, i might be your guy!

here’s my current speaking schedule from now ’til the end of the year, with comments about availabity:

17/18 – youth event in new braunfels, tx
21 – parent event in dayton, oh
22/23 – youth ministry event in canton, oh

9 – 11 – youth ministry event in guatemala city, guatemala
16 – 18 – junior high event in joppa, md

*april is more full than it looks, as i have my first YMCP meeting, a spring break family trip to yosemite, and 4 days with a guys group i meet with every year.

april 30 – may 1 – youth ministry event in ft myers, fl
3/4 – youth ministry event in orlando, fl
5/6 – pastors and youth workers events in midland, mi
7 – youth ministry event in holland, mi

*sunday, may 2, is open and i’ll be in florida with my airfare already covered. i’m finished in ft myers saturday evening, and am due in orlando monday morning. would love to find something for that sunday. the rest of the month is currently open, but i’m working on another trip to haiti in that span.

9/10 – youth event in jackson, ms

*i would love to get at least one more opportunity in june.

*nothin’. seriously. there are tumbleweeds blowing through my july calendar.

14 – 17 – youth camp, oak island, nc
20 – 22 – youth camp, oak island, nc

*i’d love to get something on the calendar for early august.

24 – 26 – junior high event in kitchener, ontario

*would love to add 1 or 2 things in sept

1 – 4 – nywc in san diego, ca
15 – 17, junior high event in carlinville, il

*have room for 1 more thing in oct

19 – 22 – nywc in nashville, tn

*would really love to add a couple things in november

*nuttin’. once again: tumbleweeds.

i’m also booking speaking engagements for 2011 now, and have a few on my calendar.

if you’d like to consider having me join you for your event, please shoot me an email ([email protected]), or email my booking dude, tim grable ([email protected]).

4 thoughts on “my summer availability (and the rest of the year too!)”

  1. Mark!

    What is the event you are doing in kitchener in Sept?? I’m a youth pastor near kitchener and have been looking for a good retreat for jr high students in ontario.

  2. MARKO…We are located 1 hour SOUTH of Orlando and I know our volunteers…plus parents could use some training/encouragemernt. I can put something together that would fit your schedule and topics of interest and I would LOVE to have you here! PLEASE shoot me an email so we can talk further…if interested!

  3. So did anybody else notice, that Marko has NYWC on his books, That makes me smile.

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