my talks on extended adolescence to the parents at my church

recently my church held an amazing ‘parent summit’ on a saturday morning. we’ve done these before, but this one took it up about 16 notches. we had an amazing turn-out, and great participation. our ‘generations pastor’, brian berry, blogged an overview of the whole day here.

here’s the link for the podcast page of the content for the whole day.

but i was asked me to specifically address the topic of extended adolescence.

my first talk, to all the parents, was called THE ILLUSION OF ADOLESCENCE, AND HOW IT’S DAMAGING OUR CHILDREN. if you want to hear it, it starts at the 8-minute mark on this mp3 (but brian berry’s opening comments are really worth hearing also), and i land with a bump just before the 32-minute mark. i was feelin’ a bit feisty, as you might notice.

then, my talk to only the parents of teenagers, on how we can respond to the reality i talked about in that earlier piece, starts at the 17-minute mark, and ends at the 45-minute mark here

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  1. Thanks for this. I’m a student at Luther Seminary finishing up a degree in Children, Youth and Family dealing with some of these kinds of issues of the artificial extension of adolescence, trauma theory and the Epstein “Teen 2.0” research in my thesis. I like your boldness in going after this issue. It was a great talk and I appreciate your calling to task of parents and people who relate to youth.

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