my work out last night

i had my 2nd appointment with my personal trainer last night (just 5 days after the first appointment). since i started working out last saturday, i’ve done the core exercises he taught me and a good 20 minute cardio exercise every day. but i knew this second appointment was going to be brutal.

i know i’m a wimp. i know i’m horribly out of shape. call me a whiner. i don’t care.

but it was — i think — the most physically grueling hour of my life (yeah, i know: you women who have given birth are laughing at me right no — go ahead if it makes you happy). i can’t think of another time when i SO wanted to quit something. had the personal trainer not been there; and, probably more important, had the 175-ish of you youth worker friends (competing in the “are you a bigger loser than marko” contest) not “been there”, i would have quit 100 times.

it all started easy enough. some stretches that hurt, but in a good way, like a deep massage.
then a few minutes on the treadmill to get my heart rate up.

fantastic! i’m with ya, tyler (that’s his name, the evil sadist).

then upstairs to the weights. 4 sets of 20 reps doing some kind of curl-like thing (that was more about my chest than my biceps). in between the sets, he had me do something (i can’t even remember what it was) to keep my heart rate up.

then, 4 sets of 10 reps per arm on some other pully thing (this time, pulling straight toward my chest). in between the sets, a couple minutes of stepping sideways up and down on a step thing.

then, 4 sets of 20 reps laying with my shoulder blades on a giant ball while lifting barbells in a butterfly manner. in between (and this is where i really started to cave into despair), running in place. each time i ran in place, he made me lift my knees higher. it felt like i did that for an hour; but i think it was a couple minutes.

finally, 4 sets of 20 reps pulling some weighted handles from behind my sides, around to the front (he said it was pure chest). in between, it got worse. he had me do this little hoppy thing where i had to hop from foot to foot and tap the other foot on top of a ball. even as i type this, i want to swear. loudly. i thought i was going to pass out multiple times. my eyes started to cross at one point and it took me a minute to get them back.

of course, this was all capped off by a cardio workout on the treadmill.

i somehow made it home and did something i haven’t done in a very long time: sat in the bathtub.

this better frickin’ cause me to lose weight, i’m tellin’ ya. because i hated everything about this!

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  1. First, mistake! A workout routine you already hate. You need to go slower. Your body will increasingly call for more. Trust it. AND DON’T GET HURT. That’s not why you are at the gym. You want cardio ability, flexibility, loss of weight and some shaping. Don’t let the guys at the gym create a nightmare for you.

  2. Marko –

    I agree with Don, but don’t give it up yet. If you hate your workout, you’ll have just that much more incentive to quit it. I’m sure it will work for you, and I hope you’ll give it a couple more tries, but if you do it two more times and it isn’t getting any easier, find something different!

    Granted, I have a vested interest in your weight loss total. Do what you need to do to beat me, and all the rest of us. If I lose my 63 to get to 150, and still finish out of the money… not to be crass, but “WOO HOO, WHAT A RIDE!”

    But doing a workout that you hate won’t get you there.



  3. Well done! You did it and lived to tell the tale. Don’t just give up though. So it was hard work, at least you don’t have to walk 5 miles for water every day.

  4. don bryant: first, mistake! ha!

    ok, i think you missed my point, or i didn’t communicate clearly. i hated it because i’m a fat slob who’s completely out of shape. ANY exercise hurts. challenging exercise really hurts. my idea of an exercise i would enjoy is using various muscles in my arm to channel surf, lifting various salty snack foods to my mouth.

    i expect i might actually enjoy this one day; and hopefully, that day won’t be WAY out there in the future.

    i’ll tell you what i did enjoy: not quitting.
    and what would have made me hate it even more: quitting.

  5. ok, rob says to get ready and not be afraid because you actually may gain a pound or two as your body recovers from the workout. don’t freak out, he says this is normal and will go away along with the fat it is burning after a week or so. and you’re gaining muscle and losing inches.
    and btw…he is working out and losing weight too while i’m still the couch potato!

  6. that may happen, lilly — but my guy has me doing lots of reps at lower weights specifically because weight loss (not muscle gain) is my goal at this point.

  7. Nothing personal but you need to get a new trainer for 2 reasons:

    1. Just because you’re a “fat slob who’s completely out of shape” doesn’t mean you should be in extreme discomfort (or pain) after your second session. I totally agree with Don.

    2. I’ve deliberately gained almost 100 pounds and lost over 100 pounds and I’ve never heard of anyone doing reps of 20 with any free weights to lose weight. This is where injury is highly likely. You’re muscles, tendons, and ligaments are totally not used to it. Especially if all you’ve been doing for years is lifting chips and the remote. You’re time would be much better spent on an elliptical machine sweating if your goal is to lose weight.

    Just my opinion. The great thing is that you are MOVING :)!

  8. So how sore were you the next morning? If you’re all crippled up then you may want to mention that to your trainer. But isn’t it great when you push through the “I want to quit NOW” and make it to the other side?

    I love that feeling!

  9. Four sets of 20 is completely inappropriate for just your second workout.

    With just the right amount of work, you should feel “a little something” the next day, but you be miserable. And you should never, ever feel like you’re about to pass out.

    You really need to have a talk with your trainer. Most of all, make sure he listens. – Stephen

    Stephen Holt
    2003 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year
    Expert Fellow – National Personal Trainer Board

    A good trainer should ease you into working out so that you learn to accept it as part of your new lifestyle. You may never love it, but you certainly shouldn’t hate exercising.

  10. i was tired when i got home last night, then i read your blog and decided to go to the gym and have a salad for dinner. Thanks for the reminder Mark O!

  11. marko-

    i don’t have any advice for you like the other fitness guru’s in this thread but i can say i laughed my butt off thinking about your eyes crossing and the time it took to “get them back”. love it.

  12. Please get a new trainer. Someone mello, and does not make you do much. Someone who says it’s okay to eat a ton, and somone who is just down right lazy. That way all the rest of us can win! (heeeehhehehee)

    Really you might feel like you are an “out of shape slob” but you got a real good butt kickin’ and the results of that is great. Keep it up, and let that trainer kick your butt even more!

  13. Time for a new update! How much have you lost now? Keep it up, man! I personally like the burn. Just make sure you keep track of your progress (like how many reps you are able to do). that will help encourage you.

    I was in mexico a couple weeks ago, and a guy actually ran away from me because he said I have big muscles. I must have scared him! I thought that was funny. :)

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