name brit’s comeback album!

i have a definite softspot for snarky. and this post of anastasia’s is some grade-a snarkiness.

Oh Britney. She wants YOU to help her name her comeback album. Her suggestions:

1. Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like
2. What if the Joke is on You
3. Down boy
4. Integrity
5. Dignity

Here are mine:

1. Shorn
2. Pantiless
3. Fallen
4. K-Fed’s Baby Momma
5. Rock Bottom

What are yours?

6 thoughts on “name brit’s comeback album!”

  1. 1. Oops I did it again…and yet again
    2. back in the reHABIT
    3. I’m not the stupid girl PINK sings about!

  2. 1. Xoloitzcuintli (look it up)
    2. Flashdance – Rehab
    3. Psychotherapy blues….
    4. Blond Bombed and Shelled
    5. Eat my shorts, I left them inside

  3. How about we let each of the seven people who purchase the CD name it themselves and include a sharpie with the purchase.

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