name my dad’s location

here’s a pic of my dad i took on our trip to ireland in november that i really like. a free ys book to the person who first comments with the correct location.



this says something about the times we live in. kenneth, the guy who got the location correctly, lives in guatemala and has never been to ireland. here’s what he wrote about how he nailed the correct location:

I’d love to say I knew because I’ve been there, but unfortunately not yet. When I saw your post I did a quick image search off of google, found a map of the coast of northern ireland, tried to match that to the shape of the cove and the contour line of the rock that sticks out on top (I studied architecture). Larry Bane Bay was the only thing that looked close. Then I looked on Flickr and confirmed it. There are some great pictures of the same place on Flickr and it shows the handrail in the background which was the icing on the cake. Yeah, I know… a little geeky but hey, I was bored!!!

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  1. Well, I’m not sure that you would want to send the book to Australia, but my guess is that they are the White Cliffs of Dover, in England.

  2. thats a tough one..i would say north coast. at first i wanted to say Caricary rope bridge…but the fencing is all wrong….i’m gunna say around the Giants Causeway

  3. marko, i think you’re out west near the cliffs of moher, but the safety fence is the bit that is confusing, normally the death defying drop is all of the safety that we use,[you’ll only fall off once!]otherwise you’re dad is just past bushmills.
    thats me guess, hope you’re well,

  4. wow — kenneth TOTALLY wins! i would have accepted \”by the carrick-a-reed rope bridge\” (which brit almost wrote, but withdrew). but, yes, larry bane bay is the exact name of the bay next to carrick-a-reed! impressive. the photo was taken from carrick-a-reed island, which is why the rope doesn\’t look like the bridge, brit.

    kenneth, shoot me an email.

    many of you (and i notice most of you are irish, which, i suppose, is a bit of an advantage!) were very, very close with all of your antrim coastline guesses.

  5. DARNIT IT ALL….they redid the fence then. my pictures have it with wood fencing…unless..crap hes on the other side…darn it all. can i get second place

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