not sure if i found this video of a 15 year-old napoleon dynamite impersonator (the winner of the national napoleon dynamite impersonation competition in preston, idaho!) sad or hilarious — a bit of both! i did laugh out loud when his headshot morphed (about 4/5 through the video) from serious to smiley!

(ht to a comment poster on scot mcknight’s blog)

4 thoughts on “napoleon”

  1. Oh Wow… the video was awesome, and I seriously can’t believe this kid did all those promos… but the resolution is pure gold. The part that cracks me up the most is the “any person voting nay is a freakin idiot!”

    In the words of Ham on Toy Story,
    “Way to go, Idaho!”

  2. Just an FYI, Bryan is paying for college though the funds generated from his appearances. Do a web search on Bryan Demke and you’ll see he’s been coast to coast performing as Napoleon. Quite a ride for a (now)16 year old.

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