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connected to the release of the book “listening to the beliefs of the emerging church” (which i just finished reading, loved, and will post about in the next week), zondervan is hosting three very cool regional gatherings. man, i wish one of these were in san diego or los angeles, because i love listening to this kind of dialogue from divergent views. for me, what make a fantastic dialogue panel goes beyond having interesting, thoughtful panelists who don’t always agree with each other. that’s important, sure. but i’ve found that even a fantastic panel with a lousy moderator (or no moderator) can quickly become boring or tangental. what really stokes me about this “national conversation on the emerging church” is the quality of the moderators! seriously: scot mcknight, andrew jones, and krista tippett (host of npr’s ‘on religion’)? if i could fly to any of them, it would be really hard to choose, as i expect they will each be unique (especially the seattle location, with driscoll’s impossible-to-predict presence).

here’s the website
here’s the downloadable brochure

cities and dates (all of this is on the site) are:

april 27-28 in austin, TX
panelists: John Burke, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, and Danielle Shroyer
moderator: Scot McKnight

may 18-19 in minneapolis, MN
panelists: John Burke, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, and Karen Ward
moderator: Andrew Jones

june 1-2 in seattle, WA
panelists: Mark Driscoll, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, Karen Ward
moderator: Krista Tippett

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  1. My plan was to go to the Minneapolis one, but when I saw how short vs. cost of flight from Orlando, I decided to go to Origins instead.

    They do look good though. Maybe an Orlando one next year would be nice. That way people can tie it in with a short vacation and justify flying in.

  2. I read the book as well. I found Dan Kimball’s section especially interesting/though provoking. I would love to go to the Seattle location and see what happens when you put a Driscoll and a Padgitt in the same room.

  3. I am from the Seattle area and have heard Driscoll preach. I found I enjoyed Driscoll, Kimball and Padgitt’s chapter the most. While I agree with Driscoll and Kimball more than the other authors I found that Padgitt’s was an interesting read. However, while I respected Karen Ward for what she does and her personality throughout the book, I found her chapter to be irrelevant to the discussion.

    Marko-just come up to Seattle for the weekend. It’s not that bad up here!

  4. Dan Kimball is ready to come out of his normal quiet and laid back state and aggressively shout, yell, attack and challenge anyone who believes anything different than he does. It is going to be great!

  5. Hey there!
    id just like to say thankyou so much for speaking at eastercamp in lil NZ!

    After arriving home last night i decided that a good way to start a passionate lifestyle would be to start listening to our christain radio again. And this morning i was thinking about how to give my “five lil barley loaves and two squishy fish”.. and the radio had an ad about OMS, an international missionary programme. I googled it.On its page i discovered a write up about “stepping out of the boat,” like Peter did. Which was a pretty incredidible coincidence. I am now looking at doing work overseas next year, once i graduate from highschool.

    My boyfriend, who has always considered himself a christain, has decided to get baptised.

    My sister has also decided to get baptised.

    And one of my other close friends has also decided to give his life to the lord after being at eastercamp, already everyone can see amazing changes in the way he is acting.

    Thankyou so much in being part of such a lifechanging event :D

  6. Marko,
    I want to do something different for our JH this summer without doing 2 different camps 1 for HS and 1 for JH. Do you know of anything retreat or conference in the summer just for JH?

  7. jason — i’d suggest a missions trip. lots of great organizations, but i’ve had wonderful JH experiences with adventures in missions and center for student missions.

    the JH conferences i’m aware of aren’t in the summer. unless you wait until 2009, when YS will host DCLA again, which will have a JH track.

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