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naturalkidza friend of mine has started a very cool new website called it’s a great repository of all things organic and earth-friendly for parents of kids. clothes, toys, backpacks — you name it; there’s tons on there.

there’s also a naturalkidz blog, focused on all things natural and organic for kids. and, of course, facebook and twitter.

here’s how kathryn explains why she started this site:

As a working mom with an active toddler, creating a “green” home is an ambitious work in progress for our family. When my son was nine months old, I discovered that he has a serious peanut allergy. Immediately I started researching a plan of action to protect his health through cleaning up his diet and our surroundings. Arming myself with a new awareness, I sought products that would facilitate a better quality of life for my son. A happy side effect has been my family’s increased appreciation for incorporating healthy natural food products into our lives, as well as our new affinity for sustainable, eco-friendly household products.

In sharing my enthusiasm with other parents, I quickly realized that there is an entire network of families who share the desire to “go green” and get healthy. Since becoming an eco-family is a gradual process that can be tricky to navigate, I believe that we can increase our power and impact by organizing and working together in our efforts.

That’s how Natural Kidz was born. I’m motivated to give other families the tools to easily embrace a healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. I hope you’ll find that our products are cool for kidz and reassuring for parents.

kathryn is a former youth worker (that’s how i originally knew her, we were volunteers on the same middle school ministry team), who got very stoked about helping africa through ys’s one life revolution partnership with world vision, and subsequently went to africa with me and a handful of other youth workers. since then, she also started “walk their walk” (which i’ve blogged about many times), as an ongoing effort to raise funds for schools and clean water in zambia. kathryn’s a go-getter with a heart of gold, and i really trust her. i think this naturalkidz this is just so cool. so spread the word; and if you’re a parent of a kid, seriously check it out.

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