new life fellowship

yesterday I got to attend a service at new life fellowship in queens. funky place: they bought a big old elks lodge building three years ago, complete with a classic second and third floor auditorium.

the service was a moving experience for me – I kept finding myself choking up, and needing to take a pause from singing. I have never seen a church with the racial diversity of this congregation. seriously. from what I could see, it was roughly equal quarters african american, asian american, latino and white. with a handful of pacific islanders, middle easterners, and indians thrown into the mix. and people weren’t sitting in racial clumps or anything. it was a gorgeous goulash, baby.

most “multi-ethnic” churches I’ve seen seem to only have significant attendance from two racial groups, and maybe have a portion of a third. but this even mix was amazing, and moving. felt a bit like heaven. I think, if I lived in the area, I might attend new life for this reason alone (though the worship service was wonderful also).

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  1. nice. thanks for the description. i have heard God is doing a cool thing at new life. i wish i didnt live in vanilla town…..well the beaches are good

  2. new life is a great church… i went there when i lived in queens… so you know… elmhurst, the section of queens new life is located, it the most diverse zip code in all the u.s.

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