new mentos and diet coke madness

the old one was pretty cool (i’ll just link it here, rather than embedding it). but these guys have raised the stakes this time around. the last time was a mentos and diet coke equivient of the bellagio fountains; this time: a domino effect that leaves you wondering what these guys were like as junior highers.

7 thoughts on “new mentos and diet coke madness”

  1. Did you know that they made a lot of money from the first one because they posted the video on a site that gives 5 cents to them every time they are viewed? They made even more from this one because Coca cola gave them, I think, and “undisclosed amount” of cash. Crazy stuff. Sounds like a fun job to me!

  2. I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. That is the coolest thing ever. (I wonder if I can do it with my youth group……..)

  3. That is soooo cool! My kids (2,7, and 9) watched it twice and loved it. I’m w/Jennifer – I wonder if we can replicate it.

  4. Finally, a good reason to continue selling Diet Coke. I agree, we have to get them to a NYWC and quick! Imagine, Dave the Horn Guy could play while they do their thing…it would be great.

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