new “world’s tallest bungee jump” in macau

from neatorama:

The Macau Tower is an icon of Macau and one of the most advanced towers on the planet. At a height of 338 meters (1108 feet) high the tower doubles as an urban playground and place for people of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves for a good ‘ol bungee jump.

In this clip, this guy felt compelled to give it a try by bungee jumping off the Tower. The jump is considered to be the world’s highest commercial bungee jump.

“Why live life on the edge when you can JUMP OFF IT” – AJ HACKETT

i thought my 111 meter jump at victoria falls, in zambia, was a rush (and my mere 47 meter jump in queenstown, new zealand — although that one was 400 meters above the city, which gave a view closer to the macau jump, i suppose).

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