new zealand family easter

for the last three years, our family has been on vacation during easter weekend. and we’ve developed a few practices as family traditions. the other day, before we left papamoa beach (in new zealand) for the easter camp i’m speaking at, we had a foot washing ceremony and communion together, this time on the beach. we sat on the sand, and liesl told the story of the last supper. then liesl and jeannie paired up (and max and i paired up) for the foot washing, which we did in the surf. then we sat together again and celebrated communion.



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  1. I read this with mouth opened wide. Now in children’s ministry, I’m having parents ask me about creative ways to get the family involved together in celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. I’m adding your experience here to the list. I can’t wait to see how God chooses to add to our family so I can begin testing these approaches out in our family! Looks like a great time…hope you all come back with a tan too!

  2. happy easter to the entire clan!
    what an amazing place to get to spend resurrection day (not too mention holy week!) thanks for all you do and hugs to jeannie and the kids from the lewin clan!

  3. Man I just thought about doing communion on the beach with my family next year on Maundy Thursday. I was scouting out potential places for a beach party this summer on Presque Isle in Erie, PA and found some very cool ones way out at the end of the peninsula. Then during a Good Friday service I thought how cool it’d be to do communion and dinner as a family out there next year as a new Easter tradition.

    Yeah I know Erie may not beat NZ but I’ll bet NZ doesn’t have Tim Horton’s Ice Cappucino’s!

  4. I agree with Eric about the pic of Liesl and Jeannie. It’s so lovely I can’t stop looking at it.

    Happy Easter!

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