nice pic from todd temple’s wedding

i performed todd’s wedding in reno last weekend (post about todd here). there were about 40 people present, and this pic is what todd called “my ys friends”. this says something about the relational web-y-ness of ys, as i’m the only one in the picture that actually works at ys.

todd and marna in the front. back row, left to right: jim hancock (writer, entrepreneur, film maker — wrote the dcla main sessions and labs, the justice mission, good sex, and much more), carla lafayette (vp of strategic programs for urban youth workers institute — has done a ton of stuff with and for ys through the years, and used to be a speaker on todd’s touring junior high roadshow back in the day), carolyn poirier-jones (marketing director for urban youth workers institute, also todd’s business partner in flannelgraf — has run media at ys conventions roughly a thousand times, it seems), and me.


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