no margin

i’m tired.

i feel like i have no margin in my life right now. not at work, not at home.

and this might be live-able if the people around me had gobs of margin in their lives and were perky little festivals of life.

but no one in my life has margin right now.

we had about 10 (1/3) of our staff at ys out sick yesterday, myself included. my son missed a day of school this week with some-bug-or-another, and my daughter has missed four days. no wonder my wife has no margin.

tomorrow’s my last day in the office for a few weeks, and i have a few weeks of work to do. or so it feels.

saturday: family christmas. hope we can all find some space to have fun and enjoy each other.

sunday: pack. always a tense and tiring task.

monday: fly to detroit. jeannie and max on one route; liesl and i on another. land at midnight — hopefully.

tuesday morning: margin.

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