no time today, but big news tomorrow

i’m running to get out the door to the airport. flying to grand rapids for a meeting at zondervan, then on to washington, d.c., for the youth ministry executive council (a gathering of youth ministry orgs, hosted by the national network of youth ministries). back home late wednesday night. then for fun, i’m flying to salt lake city friday to speak at an area-wide overnighter; home saturday morning 1/2-way into the dress rehearsal for our one life revolution variety show with the youth groups from my own church. emcee that baby saturday night. maybe i’ll sleep on sunday.

3 thoughts on “no time today, but big news tomorrow”

  1. oh, by the way, when your ever in grand rapids and need a good steak, i’ve got the place for you out here in holland. it can be a fuller alum dinner.

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