not a fun morning in grand rapids

slept lousy in grand rapids last night (still trying to get used to my new CPAP machine for my sleep apnea). then, in the middle of the night, i tipped over my travel alarm by mistake, and set up back up on its side. normally not an issue, but this travel alarm switches to different time zones automatically based on what side you set upright. so i inadvertently switched to central time. which meant i woke up an hour late. which meant i had to get ready, pack, and out of my hotel room in 15 minutes if i was going to make my 8:30 zondervan leadership team meeting.

then i stepped outside. remember, i’m a san diego boy now. it was “cold” in san diego the other day, which meant it was in the 50s. this morning, i stepped out into sleet, ice and snow. it was massively nasty. my rental car windows were all covered in ice. and i was going to be late.

so i scraped a tiny bit, blasted the defrost, and headed out. every time i got to a turn, i had to lower the driver and passenger windows, so i could see left and right. this, of course, made the drive quite chilly.

the hotel i stay in here is only about three miles from zondervan. and the roads in-between are 5-lane major roads, through heavily populated areas. which is why it totally surprised me when a deer bolted out in front of me, attempting to jump over the hood of my car.

yes. i said attempting. yes, i hit a deer on the way to zondervan, in the freezing tundra that was grand rapids this morning, after oversleeping. bambi’s mother bounced off my hood and windshield (seriously, directly in front of my face – about 18 inches from my face) mid-jump. when i slowed down (sliding, it was icy), i saw her laying on the far side of the road. dead? not? then she stood up and scampered off. nice, i didn’t kill the deer.

i haven’t even looked at the rental car yet to see if there’s any damage.

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  1. OK, sorry about the rough start to the day, but I seriously thought you said that you were still trying to get used to your CRAP machine. Sorry for giggling while reading the rest of your post.

  2. no way! I saw you today but had no idea all that had happened before 8:30 this morning… Hope the rest of the trip is better than the beginning!

  3. Now THAT is a crappy start to a day. Glad you got away with as little “damage” as you did. Maybe you’ll get lucky with the deer damage too. You collect most of the breakage when you actually hit them broadside. For such delicate looking creatures they’re really built like tanks!

    Hang in there, in a week this will be one of your great classic stories to share!

  4. Did you at least stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night? ;-)

    I am also trying to adjust to a new CPAP machine. Good luck, it hasn’t been easy for me.

  5. Life lesson #518: always carry duct tape with you when you travel.
    #519. Use it!

    There is a medical supply store that I drive by on my way home, and I did a double take one day. It says something like “Get your CPAP supplies here” and I thought it said CRAP, just like Dana.

    My dad once fixed someones car after he had hit a deer and didn’t even know it. How can you not realize you hit a deer?? There were “deer feathers” everywhere, and he still didn’t have a clue what happened.

    ANYWAY, I’m glad you are ok. Maybe you should do what Esteban does, and find someone to drive you around.

  6. On the CPAP front … depending how long you’ve been using it, you might have a bad mask. They must make a thousand different kinds out there and it can take some different tries before you get a good fit. Here’s the secret – according to my friend who is a dealer in these things … the ones that are better and more comfortable don’t have as much of a profit margin for the CPAP dealers, so they tend to try and hook you up with the ones that are the best for them money-wise. The ones they used to try to get me to use would literally leave me sore and miserable the next morning and tossing and turning all night. Once I found the right mask, I was golden. : )

  7. marko, welcome to our winter wonderland! next time you’re here i can give you a wake up call and drive you to zondervan so you don’t kill any more of our wildlife.

    oh, i see you made dlisted. and to my surpise you’re the one that submitted the picture. hilarious man!

  8. Hitting deer along that stretch is not uncommon. Pretty much hitting a deer anywhere in Michigan is not uncommon. In Michigan you get used to the ice and snow rolling down the windows so you can see is just one of those things we do.

  9. I hit a deer once about 15 years ago – same kind of weather. Rolled up on the hood and windshield, then rolled off again and ran off into the woods.

    Thankfully it was a doe and not a buck. I was on my way to a weekend retreat with three youth in the car. Had it been a buck, the girl in the front passenger seat would have been skewered.

    Glad you’re safe. You need to encourage Zondervan to move to SoCal. That would make life a lot easier, at least for you (heck of a long commute for everyone else though!) :)

  10. Oh man. I’m glad you’re okay. I know from personal experience that deer accidents can be deadly. God was really looking out for you that day.

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