12 thoughts on “now that’s action news!”

  1. Marko,

    I’m a senior pastor of a church and have a youth worker question I’d like some advice on – was wondering if you get questions about it ever? Thought you could post for response???? My youth workers are text message addicts and they are on their phones constantly with kids. I am realizing that the kids are text messaging them at 12, 1, 2 in the morning. Parents are complaining. What kind of limits do other churches place on this – how do you define “crisis”? How do you tell a youth that it can wait until tomorrow? I don’t want my youth workers modeling being up that late, but don’t know how to change this culture.



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  3. just a caution for guys who show random clips to students…after he yells ‘oh jeez!’, somebody who sounds like napoleon dynamite says “f&%$” in the background…

    strong chance the laughter would drown it out, but a nice caution nonetheless.

  4. I’d say 8.5 – rough landing but the form was cool. And I loved the “that was a bad idea.”

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