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  1. Thanks Marko. It’s really cool that you guys give this stuff away. My SP is preaching on the genealogy this Sunday so I gave him the Adam to Jesus and we definitely want to try to use the LT guy for announcements.

    Where’s the video about your life story? :)

  2. I love the one about truth – that is amazingly done and I will use it for our first youth worship service of the new year since I am planning on talking about the lies we believe.

  3. clint — it came out of a brainstorming time where we were thinking about all the different stories of youth workers who attend the events, and how those connect with god’s big story; and how youth workers have an opportunity to influence the stories of teenagers.

  4. Marko — Christmas came a little early this year! Thanks for being so generous with these resources, especially Michelle Tolentino’s powerful testimony.

  5. Yes, Marko. We love YS in South Dakota. Your generosity is overwhelming! Thanks so much for all the great resources. We showed the Michelle Tolentino story last night in our group; .

  6. Thanks for this. We showed Michelle’s story at our High School Night, in conjunction with a push to get students to write letters to our compassion child, and they were blown away. They didn’t realize the difference there pocket change makes in the life of Dayana, our little girl. Through the power of Michelle’s story, they got a more concrete sense of how God is at work in Compassion. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for including the “This is the Truth” video. I absolutely loved it. I showed it to our college group on Tuesday as a discussion starter, and they all loved it. Our youth pastor, who was with me in Atlanta, used it with his group yesterday. Who came up with that idea?

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