nywc, monday afternoon

well, the convention is over. it’s always sad to walk through the convention center and hotel lobby and have it empty again. that’s a fun vibe on the front end of the event, because there’s a sense of anticipation for everyone to arrive. but now it just feels lonely.

anyhow — i felt we had a wonderful week. more than a few great challenges, a few surprises (that were, at the very least, disequilibrating and off-centering enough for the holy spirit to mess with people), fantastic fellowship and community. i saw a hundred or more youth ministry friends from around the nation, and met a couple hundred more.

my general session talk this morning had some major tech glitches. two of the three videos i had in the talk didn’t play correctly (no audio), and it really threw me off. i could tell it through the guy doing media off also, because he was then slow on some of the still image cues, which threw me off more. other than the obvious weirdness of having videos play without audio (and that sense that you’re missing something), i’m hoping it didn’t do much to distract people (it was hard for me to feel ‘in the groove’ after that). i really believed in the stuff i had to say, and felt like it was a god-thing with some prophetic truth in it; so my deep hope and prayer is that the media glitches didn’t distract from that. sure, god is not limited by tech glitches!

my wife flew home today, but our staff has clean up stuff to do, then a celebration dinner tonite. for most of our staff, this is the end of our convention season. not yet for me, as we have our canadian event in vancouver in less than two weeks. we’re partnering with another org on that one (canadafire), who are doing much of the onsite leg-work (so most of our event staff aren’t coming).

i’m really having fun reading the blogs of people who were here. great stuff!

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  1. At the STL convention, it was mentioned that after the ATL convention that all the videos and stuff would be put up on the ys sight. I am in need of the video that played the letter forward and then read it backward. Is there any way that it will be up before Sunday? (I know this may be a long shot with the whole Thanksgiving break and all, but I thought I’d ask!).


  2. nicole — i doubt it will be up before sunday. sorry. our staff are traveling home tomorrow, and most take wednesday as a re-coup vacation day. then thursday and friday are vacation days. probably next week.

  3. Another year, another convention season under the belt. Didn’t make it this year, but everything I hear seems to indicate another great job all-round. Well done, and do get some rest with the holidays coming up.

  4. i was in the session this morning. i didn’t find the audio issues distracting at all. joel and i walked out talking about how the message left us with a strong, sober sense of reponsibility regarding youth ministry.

    in fact, i saw two positives things surrounding the gliches:

    1. i’ve seen a lot of guys in your situation make rude comments to the tech staff. you didn’t, and that says something.

    2. one guy in front of my high fived his buddy and said “thank god, we’re not the only ones!”

    the convention was great. i’ll be posting more notes and thoguhts over the next day or so.

  5. just posted notes from the session and had a question. i’d really like to unpack the identity/autonomy/affinity idea. where could i get some resources on that? and how do you see the concept of affinity playing out in ym 3.0?

  6. for my short duration i thoroughly enjoyed it. look forward to nashville next year. would love to catch up beforehand if avail. shalom

  7. Thanks for a good convention. My wife and I arrived home. We had seperate flights this year – kinda odd.

    Now that I am home, I am looking forward to reading everyone’s blog and doing recaps. Hopefully tomorrow, I will have a small clip of FF5 and Interpretaor.

  8. I just wanted to encourage you that your talk today was exactly what I needed to hear, for about the past six months I have been pulled in new directions that make no sense to me, and I can only explain it as God, and I have ideas and observations about youth culture that I was having trouble expressing to others, and well…

    What you said today was it exactly!!!!

    so thank you for today, thank you for YS, and thank you for challenging us!

    I would love to bounce some ideas off you about maybe what this Youth Ministry 3.0 might look like. So I guess whenever you have time, which I don’t want to hear from you seeing as you need time to detox, but whenever if you can let me know and I will shoot some of my thoughts to you.


    Much Love and Peace,
    a second year youth minister in TN

  9. Marko,
    I didn’t think the audio glitches were much of a problem at all. In fact, I was dissappointed that you didn’t let that third video play anyway. It was just fine for me to have you describe what was going on. That Wendy’s video really hit home. I was like, “THAT’S MY CHURCH!” So can you tell us what that third video was or where we can find it?

    By the way, I REALLY loved your talk. I got so much out of it that I bought the mp3 just so I could listen to it again…which I haven’t gotten to do yet. I did have a question, however: As we are being “present” not “driven” in our ministries, how do we keep from becoming stagnant? Do you think it may be easy for someone to accidentally do that? I know this isn’t exactly what you meant by all that, but I think it’s a valid thought…

  10. Hey Marko,

    I thought the convention was great (my first). I really enjoyed the way you distilled the evolution of youth ministry. It was very insightful and helpful for someone like me. (I have been in youth ministry for 1 year.) I’m a pk and have served in the church for 10 yrs (I’m 27), but I told God I didn’t want to work with youth. God can have a sick sense of humor sometimes, but I know I am where He wants me. Thanks again for all you and the YS team does. Keep it up.

    Passionately Serving Him,


  11. Looking forward to Vancouver – it is close to home and I am bringing 6 of my volunteers with me :)

  12. I really enjoy one thing about you Marko, how you are the Pres. of YS and all, get to speak at the last session, but for me, you are one humble dude. I mean this. I haven’t always felt this way in the past, but this convention, I’m just thinking how it’s so cool that even though you are the Pres, you are still willing to get up there and M.C. – something you are really good at – how many other Pres-type dudes would get up and do your typical announcements as well? I respect that.

    Thanks for brining in Fee!

  13. Marko,

    I had a great time at the convention this year! I had to leave Sunday afternoon after the general session, so I missed a good bit at the end. Anyway, thanks for all that you, Tic, and the rest of the peeps at YS do.

  14. Marko i loved the talk despite the videos. i am sure that it would have added to the talk but seriously you brought the drama and I loved it. The beautiful part of it to me is that it really put teeth to the ideas that Phyllis Tickle presented. Her talk was more big picture and yours sepcifically pinpointed the needs of change in youth ministry. thanks for an awesome first NYWC experience.

  15. Hi Marko,
    I just waned to say thanks to you and all at YS for an awesome Convention, I had to leave Monday Morning so I missed your talk and I missed Phyliss Tickle too ‘cos I went out dfor a nice dinner with my wife. I’ll get the MP3s. This was my second NYWC and my wife’s 1st and you guys have blown me away again. I was tired, and a little burned out, you guys have recharged me, refocussed me and reaffirmed my call to YM. Thank you.

  16. The glitches didn’t take away from what you said at all in my opinion. The Lord has truly blessed you with a gift my friend. Your thoughts and sentiments were truly Inspired of God. I pray that you , your family , ministry partners , small group, church , and community is blessed more and more.
    Your friend and Brother in Christ

  17. Marko,
    I was there for the convention and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed yesterday morning. I didn’t have a problem at all with the sound and even felt some relief that I am not the only one who has ever had technical difficulity. ( Of course I am not speaking to 5,000 people either) Wednesday night before the convention, I had one of those nights where nothing really worked. We did have a prayer time as part of our time together. During that time, God specifically answered two prayer requests we had prayed for. 1. For Rain, 2. For a college kid in our church to get a heart for a heart transplant. (He was not promised the next day) And God delivered both. All that to say that I know He used you and spoke through you yesterday and He is some much larger than “our” technology. Thanks for all you do for us.

  18. You and me both, Marko. I had a Monday morning seminar that got slammed by tech and supply issues… I felt like what I walked in with was some key content timely to many youth workers but there were issues with my notes that printed out blank (except for the first page, so I wouldn’t notice at first glance) to a DVD player that didn’t show up and a computer that wouldn’t work with the projector to show anything on the screen… throw in some unexpected Pink Eye I woke up with on Sunday and stayed with me on Monday (now that’s manly, isn’t it?) and I felt like a rookie teaching my message. You put all that time into something you only have one shot at and it can take a few things to throw off your groove.

    Of course, you know how it goes, right? People tell you afterward that it was a homerun and “Can I get a copy of those notes?” (ha, yeah… me, too) and you wonder what the heck just happened and what room they were just sitting in.

    Maybe that’s grace or something.

  19. This was my first NYWC and it was awesome! It was challenging, refreshing, freeing, thought-provoking, fun, and definitely not disappointing.

  20. i know it has been said a 1000 times now but it really was a sense of “comical relief” in a sense to know that even ys has issues. Jeff and I both smiled and he leaned over and said “yes, it isnt just us!”
    I just wanted to thank you not only for your words in the general session but I really I appreciated your breakout session the afternoon prior (a new vision for middle school). I found them both to be encouraging because you presented issues that we had been discussing at church so it was good to see that we werent coming to off the wall conclusions and even if we are other people are saying them too. haha. Thanks again I was really encouraged at convention!

  21. Marko, This was my first YS Convention. It challenged me, shook me, feed my mind and soul (though it was physically exhausting with all the walking. My wife and I rode MARTA and walked everyday.)Your talk really got me excited and and put words and pieces together of things I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. Also, your the only President of a company I know that would let 5500 people fire finger rockets at you. You are cool in my book. Keep it up man.

  22. Marko – I had an awesome time at YS. I tell my kids it is my retreat. I got home last night totally pumped to go to work today and found out that I am getting a new office YEAH! I have been in the library during construction. The bad part is it is in the new construction. I get the right inside the door office and have been told I can’t have anything on the wall, no couch (will get a nice table and chairs). The Jones Memorial Room lives!!!! There was an article a few years ago about youth ministers office reflecting them and I can’t find it. Any suggestions. Happy Thanksgiving! YOU ROCK!

  23. Hi Marko, thanks again to you all for another awesome convention. I feel so refreshed and encouraged. Your talk really blessed my heart and challenged me to keep it simple and let go of the program and spend more time with the kids. I think I was finally ready to hear that.

    Not sure what to do with this request, but, here goes: a convention bag was left in the waiting area of Air Tran in the Atlanta airport Monday afternoon and when no owner was found, I was asked to take it with me. It contains 2 copies of Dangerous Wonder, Speaking to Teenagers, Questions you can’t ask your Mama about Sex, a prayer journal and The Valley of Vision. If we can find the rightful owner, I would love to return it to them.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Dude …

    Monday morning was awesome. I’m a student at Lipscomb University in Nashville. Our chapel services feature some of the worst technical services people you could find. 75% of our speakers’ videos don’t have audio, or worse there’s a screeching sound instead…

    So I’m used to listening beyond the media accompaniment (or lack thereof)

    … I thought what you had to say was powerful, and affirmed many of my own suspicions about where the church is headed… Phyllis Tickle did much of the same, but I enjoyed hearing what you had to say about the future of youth ministry, because ever since my programming classes at Lipscomb, I’ve been thinking that they way we’ve been doing this whole thing might not cut it for the next 20 years. Keep thinking Mark0…You’re giving us young guys some dangerous and amazing ideas. (I guess the old guys are getting something out of it too…) Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

  25. Hi Marko I just wanted to say thanks for the advise you gave in the frist session this was my frist convention and I was totaly worked up trying to figure wichway to go first I believe if you had not advise us how to treat the convention my brain would have exploded from the overload there were so many great moments it will take awhile to process all of them… I’ve never been so drain emotionaly… AGAIN THANK-YOU AND ALL OF THOSE AT THE Y>S FOR THE GREAT EXPERENCE..

  26. missed the NYWC, but caught your comments. picture this: youth d-now weekend, i’m the speaker, doing tech setup beforehand that took an hour longer than expected, get worship cranked up and BAM! power goes out. we move 30 or 40 students to a meeting room that still has power, but we still can’t get sound to work. i couldn’t play the clip on the laptop, so we improvised.

    i acted it out. it involved cheesy over-dramatic accents and funny facial expressions. it turned into the funniest thing of the whole weekend. the kids uploaded a video of it on facebook.

    we’re doing the same retreat again in january, and the kids already calling for me to act the same clip again! funny how God works.

    soli deo gloria.

  27. Can I find comments on the St. Louis convention. I liked all of the speakers, except one, and wanted to know if it was just me or were there a few that were a bit baffled by the length and content of the talk. And I am not very good at finding things on the web, so be specific if anyone answers.

  28. tim — either search (up on the left side) for “st louis nywc”, or just go back to the posts for those dates. i assume you’re talking about the length of lynne hybels’ talk, and, yes, there was some discussion of that.

  29. Marko, – That is who I am talking about. But I wanted to check myself before I say it was not good. I may have been having a bad morning and did not want to blame her for what may have been really my own poor morning.
    thanks again, tim

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