off to argentina

classy jet.jpgtoday i fly to argentina for our youth workers convention in mendoza. i think this is my 8th trip to argentina, and it’s our 6th convention there. i love the place. and, after attending so many years, i have friends there i really care about, and am looking forward to seeing.

special treat this time is that tic long, ys’ pres of events, is going with me, and he’s never been. we’ll have a blast together.

jim burns will be there, so tic and i will host him a bit (he’s a long-time friend of ys and of ours, personally). and musician andy hunter is coming, so we’ll hang with him in our little gringo “no hablo espanol” world of cluelessness.

here’s the event website, in case you missed it when i posted it for the guatemala convention a month ago.

mmmmmmm. can’t wait to have my first bife de chorizo.

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