off to be silent

it’s an odd week, thought the timing is a god-thing. i’m flying this morning to medford, oregon, to spend 24 in silence. tomorrow noon i’ll be joined by others from the ys exec team, when we’ll drive down to karla yaconelli’s house in yreka, california (about an hour south of medford).

this is kind of the final piece of karla’s sale of ys to zondervan in some ways. she’s had a one-year consulting relationship with us and z, and that ends at the end of april. she’d always wanted to host an exec team retreat in her home, and we thought it might be a little weird to have a business/strategy meeting there. but what we all could use is a bit of a spiritual retreat. so we’ve asked karla to host us for that. she’ll provide some guidance and exercises, and provide space and schedule for extended silence.

so this is all coming at a very good time for me. it’s a good chance to slow down, listen to the still small voice of god, quiet my soul and slow my heart rate. and read a few books.

i don’t know that i’ll be posting much this week — i doubt it. i’m home thursday evening, and max and i fly to st. louis on friday for another jh believe event.

would covet your prayers for my rejuvenation this week, and that god would be very present for all of us. i also pray that this week will be a meaningful time for karla herself.

6 thoughts on “off to be silent”

  1. Welcome to the great state of Oregon my friend. I just prayed that God would bless your time away in every way. Just prayed for Jason as well.

  2. i will be praying – this moved me to tears, i’m sure this will be a special time for you all. god will show up, i’m sure of it.

    have a wonderful time of silence and refilling marko (and team)

  3. I am a youth and college pastor from Bluffton, Ohio, I know this is off of the subject but I was wondering if you could ask people to pray for Bluffton University given the events of last weekend with the bus crash. Thanks.

  4. Oregon is the motherland for rejuvenation. Enjoy your trip.

    May you be filled with all the fullness of God… who by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

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