off to singapore

tony jones, dan kimball and i fly to singapore tomorrow morning (arriving wednesday very late, thanks to both long flights and the international date line) to speak at a youth ministry training event. this is my fourth time at this event, and i’m looking forward to being there again — though it is a brutal schedule (we arrive about 1am wednesday night, get to our hotel around 2am, and start teaching the next morning). it’ll be a kick to be with tony and dan, and show them around singapore. i have my favorite irish pub (muddy murphy’s) and my favorite place for a ‘gar (the cigar lounge in the manderin hotel), and my favorite place for our sunday evening dinner (morton’s of chicago!). i’m sure we’ll find internet cafe’s from time to time, so i’ll pop in here with an update at some point.

2 thoughts on “off to singapore”

  1. hopefully we’ll be able to meet too … :-)

    I’ll be there … but I’m a Malaysian that’s the twist!

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