off to south america

yesterday, i left the U.S. of A. for 12 days. in fact, as this hits my blog, i should be about to land in buenos aires, argentina. from there, i’ll catch a short flight to montevideo, uruguay (a new country for me!). and i’m pumped.

long-time readers of this blog will know my affection for latin american youth workers. ever since youth specialties started partnering with lucas leys around 1999 (because we like to party like it’s 1999), i’ve had the chance to work alongside lucas and what became the spanish division of youth specialties — especialidades juveniles. i’ve been to argentina and guatemala with him many times, as well as peru, costa rica, cuba, and puerto rico.

it’s been a few years since i’ve been to argentina, so i’m really looking forward to being there again.

my schedule:
friday – sunday, i’ll be in uruguay at the “cumbre” (summit) for EJ there.

next monday – thursday we’ll be in buenos aires. i’m teaching a course at the instituto especialidades juveniles; but i’ll mostly be holed up finishing a book manuscript that’s due when i return.

then, that friday – sunday (june 8 – 10), we’ll be in rosario, argentina, for the EJ cumbre there.

pray for the amazing youth workers of uruguay and argentina! (and for me, please)

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