off to vacation wonderland

me and my family fly to beeeeautiful detroit, michigan today (city motto: “the perfect place for a family vacation, or a murder, or political corruption, or for making cars!”) for an almost-two week vacation (that’s ‘holiday’ for my UK friends). we’re attending the wedding of a good friend (rolly richert) this saturday night, and my cousin the second weekend (up in truly beautiful northern michigan — harbor springs). all my family and all jeannie’s family are in the detroit area, so we’ll do a lot of catching up.

our first three days are with my in-laws, and there is no internet, no email, no nothin’. so i’ll be taking daily trips to the nearby starbucks for wifi.

4 thoughts on “off to vacation wonderland”

  1. Welcome to Michigan!!!! As a life long resident of the “D” you need to change your city motto; to something like “Detroit you can smell it from Cleveland” or “Detroit if the criminals don’t get you the police will”. Anyways welcome to my state.

  2. I am moving to Michigan! Marko your comments are always steeped in much thought and I enjoy the places God is using your gifts – rest well.

  3. I was wondering if you were coming in for the wedding. I was hoping to see you there, but I don’t think we are going to make it home in time. Hope you guys have a relaxing visit home.

  4. Can I get a job with YS/Zondervan? I really need a LOT more vacation time than what I’m getting (I’m already in the hole and haven’t even planned for Christmas yet), and you seem to have an abundance of it!

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