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8 1/2 years ago, ys moved from a seriously dumpy collection of little buildings (a small old house, a pre-fab two story, a double-wide trailor, and a single-wide pos trailor, all surrounding a nasty blacktop parking lot) into the nifty building we currently occupy. we’d gutted the place and made it both professional and a tiny-bit playful.

we could not have been happier. for a few years.

then something happened. we re-invented the company. and the silos we’d thought were normal crumbled. and our desire to be more collaborative grew. but we have two floors (that feel really seperated), and this central hallway down each of the floors that’s structural and can’t be changed. so we spend our working days in suites on either side of the hallway, seperated from most of our fellow ysers. we’ve tried to funkify the place a bit. we plastered the conference room with the biggest whiteboard wall you’ve ever seen (great for wild brainstorming), and created an “innovation bunker” downstairs, complete with love sacs, a whiteboard wall, a corkboard wall, and toys (great for creativity). but we’re still limited by our space.

so i am, today, coveting the offices shown on this website. open. deconstructed. shared. playful. collaborative. non-hierarchical.

in the same way that a church’s architecture says a ton about the theology of the church, an organization’s workspace says tons about the values of the organization.


3 thoughts on “office space”

  1. I love that open kind of feel….but, at the same time, its really hard for introverts when there is no where to recharge. Or (for everyone) no privacy for a phone call you’d rather not have everyone hear.

  2. yeah, I have to agree with Jennifer – I’m an introvert who needs a dark, quiet cave in which to recharge. And I occasionally have to call a urologist, or a therapist, or a pediatrician, about something I’d rather not share with the rest of my floor-mates. But there is serious potential for basketball breaks!

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