oh, the horror

since the talk was about humility, and this photo brings me right back to the shudder of the moment i realized the fine youth workers of austin (and, later, anaheim) weren’t going to let me get away with only telling my story of a bad break-dancing episode, but were actually going to mob-rule me into doing a bit of the dang thing (which i hadn’t done in 20 years), i will post this picture i found on a blog yesterday…

i am cringing as i strike these keys.


(photo courtesy of william hartz)

8 thoughts on “oh, the horror”

  1. I felt a little bit sorry for you in Austin when you were strongly encouraged/prodded/forced to dance. It couldn’t have been too bad though since you kept that illustration KNOWING you would have to repeat the dance at each convention. No sympathy here! It was quite amusing, if I do say so. :)

  2. Oh, you KNOW this is coming to Cincy…don’t you???? I shared it with a few peeps here at the Digital Lounge here at the convention…THE WORD IT GETTING OUT!!!!

  3. no one was with me in encouraging you to dance for us today in cinci. i must admit that i’m feeling a tad slighted that the other 2 conventions had the pleasure.

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