ok, now it’s technorati that sucks

some time ago, i posted, wondering why google blog search sucked so bad. i would find that google blog search would miss dozens, if not hundreds of incoming links to my blog (that technorati found), but would then — once in a great while — update with a wad of old and obscure links i didn’t know about.

well, the tables have turned. google blog search seems to be catching more and more, and updating on a more regular basis. and, at the same time, technorati has literally lost its usefulness for me. i heard that they made a change in their algorithm: something about trying to make things more accurate for their top 100 blogs (anyone know?). but, whatever it was, it finds very, very few of the actual incoming links anymore, which means my technorati ranking has plummeted, and means very little. and, often, those it does find, it says are 14000+ days old, which is just nuts (i haven’t even been blogging for that long). technorati was one of those rare apps that google was trying to compete with, and losing; but technorati seems to have tossed the baby out with, well, you know. and, apparently, i’m the baby (or, at least my incoming links are!).

i miss you, technorati-that-works.

2 thoughts on “ok, now it’s technorati that sucks”

  1. had the same problems with bloglines that you had with google. except i forgot you said google was sucking, so i exported all my feeds from bloglines to google last night. it seems to be working somewhat better than bloglines, but i still have bloglines pulled up in a tab to compare the two side by side, and bloglines missed – and google caught – almost every feed that i follow… except yours. your last 2 posts updated on bloglines, but google missed them. what to do, what to do…

  2. the act of “linking to a blog” is not what it used to be either. when blogging was rare, you wanted to help people find blogs to read. now days everyone reads too many blogs and their eyes glaze over when someone suggests something new to read.

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