old skool

i grew up in detroit, michigan. we moved to livonia — a suburb, where my dad’s office and our church were located — when i was in junior high. but prior to that, i spent 12 years living on the near west side (6 mile and outer drive, for anyone who knows detroit). about 4 miles from eminem. my next door neighbor was my best friend. we were inseperable from a younger age than i can remember, literally. he was two years older than me, so by the time we differentiated a bit more, when he moved into junior high, our friendship lost steam. and after we moved, i completely lost touch with him.

fast forward more than 30 years. i live in san diego. but my sister lives in canton, michigan. and my niece runs cross-country with the daughter of my childhood best friend, who, coincidentally, lives about three blocks from my sister.

so, my sister hosted a little dinner party for our families over the christmas holiday. mark barnett (that’s his name) brought his wife and oldest daughter. my family was there. we talked about old traditions in our childhood neighborhood and old neighborhood friends and life since. it was pure joy.

here’s me and my childhood buddy, mark barnett:


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  1. Mark, it was a blast (from the past) seeing you and your family! It’s so cool having Lisa and Rod for neighbors and I know Amanda and Shana have become great friends. Thanks for the nice words. Happy travels and keep in touch.

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