one day, this pen will i own

i spotted this fountain pen, the fidelio coat of mail , in a foutain pen store window four or five years ago. it has haunted me ever since. yes, i’m being a shade melodramatic — but, seriously, i’ve thought of it on and off since i saw it. obsessing? no, i don’t think so. just imagining how much i would love to write with it.

it’s too much to splurge and buy for myself, and more than we spend on each other in our family for gifts. so, it’s likely to stay as the phantom pen o’ my dreams.

dang that scot mcknight. he got me thinking about this all over again with three posts about fountain pens!

3 thoughts on “one day, this pen will i own”

  1. i was handed a montblanc to journal with the other day and i did not want to give it back. talk about spoiling you for the parker and bic pens that fill my home… sigh.

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