online darfur simulation

wow. this is a wonderful ministry tool: darfur is dying is an interactive simulation game that puts you, as a character in a refugee camp, in the middle of the darfur genocide. you move your character through a series of decisions and experiences, trying to avoid the militia, provide water for gardening and brick-making, and keeping health up. i found my heart actually racing as my 12 year-old character was running from the militia, and i was reminding myself that this is really and actually happening, at this second, in real life, to a real 12 year-old, as i’m playing this.

this would be fantastic for small group ministry, or to distribute via email to your students, as a way to discuss (and respond to) the needs of the world, and specifically, the people of darfur. would be cool to ask your students to play, then come together to discuss.

(ht to ginny o)

4 thoughts on “online darfur simulation”

  1. Wow. Took a break from writing a Christology paper for a class I’m working on. Checked your blog. Went to that game…

    Doesn’t make much difference what I write about who Jesus is if I don’t do something about who He is. We’ve been given much…

  2. Sounds like a cool game, however I’m not sure it would work in my particular situation since half my youth group is Sudanese and many of them went through those situations….
    It has been a blessing to have them in my youth group though and for the other youth too!

  3. Doesn’t really seem to be a way to “win”. Of course, I guess that is the point….

    Very sad situation, but a good creative way to get the message out.

    Is YS doing anything in Darfur?

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