only two months ’til 24, season 6

i’m so stoked! i just watched this sweet extended trailer for the upcoming (january) season of 24, the freakin’ best show in the history of television. c’mon, everyone to my house starting in january for a weekly 24 viewing party. who’s bringin’ the lo-fat snacks for me and my picky pancreas?

3 thoughts on “only two months ’til 24, season 6”

  1. I’d be there if the commute from Kansas wasn’t such a killer. Any idea what the schedule is for this year? It looks like we’ll be close to the end during the Jr. High Summit. It’d be awesome if we could catch the season finale there!

    Hope you’re feeling better, and DEFINATELY wish I could be in Anaheim!

  2. Jake and I plan on coming over every monday…it’s a long commute from ann arbor, but it’s worth it! We are completely addicted right now to watching the old DVDs from seasons we missed. I can’t get anything done around here!
    (I’m glad you got out of the hospital-feel better and take care of yourself,okay?)
    love, your sis

  3. Dude, I would totally bring some low-fat/calorie snacks! : ) I’m completely pumped about the new season – looks awesome. I’m also pumped to get season five on DVD finally … it will give me something to watch (again) over the Christmas holidays!

    Hey, by the way, this is the week to start watching Biggest Loser! On Wednesday night’s episode (NBC, 9:00pm) they bring back the top at home contestants. I’m not allowed to say if I’m one of them, but as of the six week results posted LAST week, I had lost a higher number of pounds (73 lbs) than anyone on or off the ranch … so I’ll let you make your assumptions based on that little tidbit …

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