ooh — a new fashion idea for guys

yeah — guys, just when you were thinking, “dang, i just don’t have as many clothing options as my wife does when it comes to looking or feeling sexy,” here’s the perfect solution:

men’s fishnet pants.

hurry, it says supplies are limited.




10 thoughts on “ooh — a new fashion idea for guys”

  1. I have a great idea, we should all show up to the 1st general session of the NYWC wearing this. Is that okay Marko? Thousands of youth workers in fishnet suits?

  2. jon, merely a few blogs i have in my bloglines (like, dave barry’s blog), combined with an assortment of helpful and alert ysmarko readers.

    kevin, this, i must admit, is a good question.

  3. Of course, proof positive that everyone has their price. What would it cost to get any of us/you to pose for a photograph in those? I wonder what it cost to get the model to pose.

    Not you Marko – after the lime green swimsuits you jointly modeled a few months back, I can’t see where this is any less odd…. :)

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