opening general session

i just came from the opening general session of the youth workers convention in guatemala.

wow. [choke]

wow. [choke]

it’s so difficult, as i’ve found in the past, to describe how amazing this is. i mean, i love our youth workers conventions in the states too. but there’s something intangible here, something that ramps things up a bit. i’m sure it’s a combination of things:
– the fact that there has never been a youth ministry gathering anywhere close to this size in central america. so these people are in no way numb to the overwhelming emotion that comes with being in a room of 1200 people who share the same passion and calling.
– for many, especially the gautemalans, the event brings a palbable sense of holy revolution, that significant change (in their churches, in their cultures, in the lives of the teenagers they love) is right at the fingertips of their hearts.
– and, then, i’m sure some of the excitement is just cultural — they’re a less jaded and cynical group than we are in the states. there are none of those “backward baseball cap wearing, tattoo sporting, neu-fundamentalist, i’ll keep my arms folded or my hands in my pockets unless you get a mosh-pit going” youth workers here.

anyhow. it’s wonderful and beautiful. i hardly understood a word, but could tangibly sense god’s spirit in the room. maybe that was especially true since i couldn’t understand a word. no cognitive stuff to distract me!

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  1. I’m guess the first billion years with Jesus is going to be just like that – not understanding a word cognitively but getting it…

    thanks for the picture, bro!

  2. Marko,

    I tend to be the man with that hat on backwards and waiting for a mosh pit, but I have experiacned Guatemala. I was at their Independance Day Celebration in 1994 and was intiigued by the engergy. There were people with firworks strapped to their Jackets running through the crowd. Then there was a circle of people waiting for people to jump in the middle and bust a move middle school style. So I jumped in the middle busted out the weed eater and the lawn mover moves and felt the crowd get hype with the chant. GO GRINGO GO GRINGO….It was amazing. YS is such a power house for Christ to move. I will look into attend the next YS in Central America. Peace bro.

  3. so i’m curious– how does guatemala distinguish itself from white american culture in its expression of youth ministry? you must have a very unique perspective with the juxtaposition of singapore so close.

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