out of the mouths of… well… 13 year-old boys

in my 7th grade guys small group last night, we were talking about how “god is like water” (from the wild truth bible lessons: pictures of god, based on jesus’ declaration to the woman at the well, that he is living water). after talking about the passage for a bit, we had a bit of a free-for-all where the guys speculated why god would use that word picture for himself.

one guy blew me away with this comment, which is not only wonderful and insightful, but also shows one of those once-in-a-while flashes of abstract thinking that middle schoolers are classic for:

i think water is like grace. i mean, you can’t hurt water. you can boil it — which would hurt most stuff — but it just turns water into a different form. it’s still there. it’s like, water is adaptable. it never goes away, and adapts to the situation in order to stay there.

wow. soak in that water for a few minutes.

of course, a few minutes later, when we were praying and two of the guys were giggling, the same kid interrupted to say, “shut yer pie hole!”

11 thoughts on “out of the mouths of… well… 13 year-old boys”

  1. It’s those rare, insightful, “ah-ha!” moments I live for and treasure! You never know whose mouth it will spring from next – or how long you’re going to have to wait between moments. :)

  2. LOL!

    Shut yer pie hole!

    Classic teenage line. Brings back memories of 11 years in youth work (with many “IDEAS” borrowed from YS!)


  3. many of you might not realize that “shut your pie hole” is a lie from the critically acclaimed movie “the gingerdead man” which is available at your local blockbuster…. probably the worst movie ever but for some reason that line stuck

  4. …that is a great and mind provoking way to look at it…kids are just what and how God wants for us to be…that raw honesty,no fear,no shame,no guilt,giving all and not being concerned with not getting anything in exchange for it…God bless you and your Ministry!!

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