overheard at junior high camp

i was only at junior high camp, as a counselor, for about 48 hours. but in that short time, i overheard some hilarious middle school boy comments:

during cabin devos at night…
6th grade guy #1: tonight, i was kneeling and praying, and i felt this hand patting me on the head, and i reached up, and no one was there! i think it was god!
6th grade guy #2: oh, sorry, i was patting you on the head, and then i left.


two boys talking while throwing sand into a small stream. as i walked by, i heard one say: yeah, i’m all about science. science and cats.


this one was actually a conversation between me and a kid who’d only started coming to our church a few weeks before camp.
me: how did you start coming to our church?
boy: my brother and I embarrassed ourselves at a funeral because we didn’t know what to do with that nasty bread without the yeast in it, and my mom said, ‘oh, we’ve got to get you boys in church.’


6th grade guy to me: i’m gonna go outside and play with rocks.


boy a: dude, why are you being such a richard today?
boy b: what do you have against my dad?


7th grade boy to our pregnant junior high pastor: you are one rude pregnant lady.


man, i love middle schoolers.

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  1. This is awesome! A youth ministry mentor once told me about the camp experience that defined middle school ministry for him…

    During cabin time, he entered the cabin to find his 3 campers doing the following: one reading the Bible, one sleeping, and one with a pillow on his head running in to stuff.

    This totally reminded me of that! **Good news is all of those boys are in college now and doing quite okay…even the one with the pillow on his head!

  2. I love this so much. Yesterday I drove a car full of middle school girls back from a lake trip and, in 20 minutes, I listened to them argue about eyeliner, Pringles and time zones, laugh for ten minutes, then have a duck call contest. It ruled.

  3. So on a serious note, is it simply maturity that causes students to lose their genuine honest? And if so, is maturity as we know it really that healthy?

  4. Those are classic. My favorite: “Sorry. I was patting you on the head and then left.” (either that or the words of tact to the pregnant lady) LOL Thanks for sharing.

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