overheard at my 6th grade guys small group

mitchell, holding the WWJD bear, and wearing his hat that he subsequently placed on the head of each guy who was sharing, including me.
dang, they were funny last week. on top of that, it was one of the best discussions we’ve had this year.

but first, some of the funny bits, which mostly came out during our sharing of ‘highs and lows’.

6th grade dude 1 (describing the best thing about his past week): “the ballooned my dad’s office, and i got to help move the balloons to someone else’s cubicle…”
6th grade dude 2: you should BACON their office!
6th grade dude 3: that would ber BOSS!
me, in my mind, to myself: people still say ‘boss’ in place of ‘awesome’?

they were rather squirrelly, and having a hard time not talking over top of each other; so one of them suggested we use the WWJD bear. i mentioned this in a previous post — it’s a dorky little stuffed bear, wearing a WWJD sweater. it has a little pushbutton that makes it say (in an extremely idiotic, juvenile voice), “what would JEE-sus do?” but the button, which should have been in the chest, under the sweater, is wrongly in the crotch. so: giggles. they’re only allowed to talk when holding the bear, and can push the button before and after they give their answer. anyhow… one guy had just finished talking, and tossed the bear to a group of eager hands trying to grab it, and in the bedlam, one guy shouted out: “Hunger Games!”

6th grade dude to another who was stooped over: “You look like a hunchback!”
stooped 6th grade dude, in response: “I AM QUASIMODO!”

6th grade dude sharing the high point of his week: “I learned about the Dragunny!”
me: “what’s that?”
6th grade dude: “it’s a combination dragon and bunny, and i can draw a BOSS of ’em.”

me, to a hyper dude: “you need to take a chillax pill.”
6th grade dude: “aren’t those illegal?”

6th grade dude, after pushing the WWJD button and hearing the question, ‘what would JEE-sus do?’: “he probably wouldn’t touch bears there.”

then, we had an amazing conversation about how faith works, and talked at length about some of their doubts, like “how do we know the bible is true” and “what if our god is the wrong god?”

(btw: if you want to spend a weekend with people who live these stories every week, check out the middle school ministry campference!”)

4 thoughts on “overheard at my 6th grade guys small group”

  1. Haha I love the “what would JEE-sus do?’: “he probably wouldn’t touch bears there.” Had to lol on that one.

  2. Marko… again… these posts are always my favorites of your blog. I, too, was ROTFL when I read the “he probably wouldn’t touch bears there” and I love the fact that you are working with junior highers hands on. Probably THE best way to keep current.

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