overheard at my 7th grade guys small group

IMG_3870the hits, they just keep coming…

only a san diego 7th grade guy would ask: what’s a snowblower?

we were doing a lesson on how god is a dreamer. and, since we’re created in the image of god, we should have that “dreamer” character in us also. after looking at the characteristic of god, i wanted to get the guys dreaming (in a silly way, to start). so i divided them into three teams, and told them they had 5 minutes to dream up an imaginary country. they had to name it, give it a motto, choose a national sport, write 2 or 3 laws, and list 3 subjects taught in school.

uh. right. 7th grade guys.

these are the actual results (you can TOTALLY see the in-between-ness of middle schoolers here — still children, already stepping into young adulthood):

Group 1
our new country name: swistachia
the motto on our country’s seal: jesus, jesus, jesus and more jesus. p.s. jesuuus
the national sport: kangaroo racing
2 or 3 laws:

  • chairs are outlawed
  • nothing for food but glue
  • obey The Great Leader

3 subjects taught in school:

  • alligator wrestling
  • kangaroo anatomy
  • how to be a ninja

Group 2
our new country name: mordor
the motto on our country’s seal: “no frodos allowed”
the national sport: shuffle board
2 or 3 laws:

  • The Ring is not allowed near Mt Doom
  • all hobbits are subject to random inspection

3 subjects taught in school:

  • killing
  • ring searching
  • hobbit eating

Group 3
our new country name: youranus
the motto on our country’s seal: west coast rachets
the national sport: bar fighting
2 or 3 laws:

  • shoes and shirts, no service
  • stupid people are good at math
  • paul blart is cool

3 subjects taught in school:

  • shooting bears
  • how to work at wallmart
  • math

(if responses like these are the youth ministry world you live and thrive in, you really should join us at the tribal gathering known as the middle school ministry campference this october)

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  1. We had “Ask Anything” night last night. I tend to get really random questions that kids try to think of on purpose to stump me or just to be annoying. We also get some very deep and serious questions as well. However, this one got me. “Why do Buddhists listen to a llama?” I wasn’t sure if a kid was just totally confused and truly misunderstood Buddhism or if they seriously thought Buddhists followed the teachings of Tina the Llama.

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