overheard at my 7th grade guys small group

yup, we’re off to the races. from last week’s small group…

during our “highs and lows” sharing…

7th grade guy: my low was that i got yelled at by turgen urgen. (apparently this is a teacher’s name where the first and last name rhyme, and he loves saying it.)

7th grade guy: my high is that tomorrow i get to go to disney on ice fineas and ferb.
happy response from another: o, booger!

i had them share, “what would you have been named if you’d been born a girl, or, if you don’t know, what girl name would you pick for yourself?”
two who didn’t know what they would have been name chose:

  • oprah
  • lafawnda

me: some of you don’t know what you would have been named, and you’re going to go home and ask your parents!
7th grade guy, being honest: i’m not going to remember this in 10 minutes!

we had a question on our discussion sheet about what an invisible martian, hanging around you all day, might see that would give him some indication you were depending on jesus…

7th grade guy: that would be really awkward because when you go to the bathroom, the invisible martian would be there.

me: what percentage did jesus depend on god?
7th grade guy: whadya mean? he WAS god!

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  1. Marko-

    Very funny. I lead 7th and 8th grade guys AND girls and often get responses like this. I used to be frightened of this age group, but never led them. Now that I’m leading them, I’m still frightened, but having the time of my life.

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