overheard at my 7th grade guys small group

finally! after a bunch of weeks off, my 7th grade guys small group restarted. it was so great to be with the guys again.

some good nuggets:

7th grade guy: what if there was a button and when you pushed it, every man in the world would start lactating?
another 7th grade guy: then, if we could all shoot milk like lasers, we could have epic battles!

7th grade guy: my low this week was that i got a strike.
me: what’s a strike?
other 7th grade guy: if you get three, they break your legs.

IMG_15137th grade guy: my high was putting a flashlight in the eyes of my ape mask at winter camp and creeping people out.
(my co-leader, ian, happened to have a pic of this one, from winter camp!)

7th grade guy: i got a katniss pillow case for christmas. she’s not looking straight at you, but kind of sideways. so we sleep cheek to cheek now.

7th grade guy: i snowboarded in powder.
other 7th grade guy clearly born and raised in san diego!: what’s powder?

we were reviewing the parables we talked about before christmas. they remembered that we talked about the prodigal son for two weeks, and that the first week was a focus on the older bro. ian reminded them that i’d asked each of them, that week to voluntarily give up a right.
7th grade guy: oh yeah! i gave up my right to buttered toast!
me: how did that go for you?
7th grade guy: not. good.

for a special treat, here’s ben telling the parable of the banquet. two things to notice:
1. i totally forgot, when filming this, to use landscape instead of portrait. i hate it when youtube videos are portrait. it’s annoying. i suck. i’m sorry.
2. listen closely at the very beginning. you’ll hear a 7th grade guy say, “oh my god, i heard a fart.”

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