overheard at my 7th grade guys small group

i’m certainly finding that the most hilarious comments from my 7th grade guys come during the freewheeling first 20 minutes of our small group time, when we share the highs and lows of our week. this past week, we had 15 guys (and almost-impossible number of 7th grade guys for anything remotely resembling a “small” group). but somewhere in the chaos, we were still able to be mostly present to each other, and have a good conversation about what jesus was really saying to us through the parable of the houses built on rock and sand.

from the highs and lows sharing:

7th grade guy: my high was that we moved into a new house this week. it has a shed. and i can sleep in the shed whenever i want!

7th grade guy: i now prefer the name kaputi over chris.

7th grade guy: my high was that five minutes ago i made a song.

7th grade guy: my high is that i got a 123 out of 30 on my math test.

7th grade guy: my new name will be shanishiwa.

7th grade guy (with amazing comic timing): my low is that my pet rock died. (pause) his name was eddie the 18th. (pause) i’m not lucky with pet rocks.

when talking about the application of our lesson on the parable of the house built on the rock, i asked something like: what could you do this week to live this out?
7th grade guy, in response: eat cheese?

one photo this week. as we were talking about what i might look like, in the real life of a middle schooler, to “hear jesus’ words and puts them into practice,” i put a piece of paper on one wall that said “wise teen,” and on the opposing wall, a piece of paper that said “dumb teen.” then i read little case studies of fictional middle schoolers who were either living this teaching, or misunderstanding it. and the guys had to move to one wall or the other.

at one point, when the case study in question was particularly obvious, and all the guys had quickly moved to the “wise teen” wall, i looked back over my shoulder and saw this:


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