overheard in my 7th grade guys small group

4 new guys last week! while that’s very cool in so many ways, our group already had 13 guys. i think our small group might now officially be the size of an average church youth group.

somehow, we still had a pretty good week. we looked at the prodigal son story again. last week we looked at the older brother; this time we looked at the father.

not too many quotes this week, but some pretty good ones!

during our sharing of “highs and lows”:

my high is that my parents said when i’m 18 they’ll ship me off to canada with a banjo.

my high is that i have no low; and my low is that i have no high. see, it’s a paradox. (smart kid, huh?)

from our “teaching” time:

me: what story did we talk about last week?
7th grade guy: the son of the prodigal!

during a time when i was trying to make sure they knew was “unconditional” meant:

me: the words “conditional” and “unconditional” are on the walls, what’s “conditional” mean?
7th grade guy: it’s that stuff you use after shampoo.

when recruiting for a spontaneous melodrama:

me: i need 4 guys to play polar bears.
7th grade guy: can i play a bi-polar bear?

no pics of the guys this week. however, just before we were going to pray, right at the end of our time, i flipped over the old ‘wild truth bible lessons: dares from jesus 2″ book i’d grabbed to prepare for tonight. i hadn’t seen this book for many years. and i literally almost burst out laughing when i saw this boy-band version of myself staring back at me! too funny.

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