paris pics, part 3

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this one, part 3, are my favorite art moments:

seeing amazing art is one of the best things about being in paris, of course. we were totally blown away by the marble sculptures. this one, we didn’t know the artist, or even the name of the piece, but we were so stunned by the beauty of this piece cut from one piece of marble.

when we entered the room where the mona lisa is, there were massive crowds around it. but what really caught our attention was this piece on the opposing wall: the wedding feast at cana. it’s HUGE, covering an entire wall.

the small musee l’orangerie has two oval rooms with monet water lillies covering the whole thing — 360-degrees. monet himself designed the rooms. it’s one of my happiest places on earth.

i’ve always liked this monet painting, but it’s never been my favorite. but standing in front of it, it just took my breath away with its beauty, grace, color.

i dig van gogh. one of my favorites – starry night – wasn’t in the orsay when we visited (it must have been out of loan or something); but i love the color and style of this church (and am moved and pained by knowing van gogh used light to indicate warmth and light, and always painted churches without any light in the windows).

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  1. the space in musee l’orangerie is a very happy place, indeed. a wonderful spot to just sit and soak it in. when i was there last month, the sun was shining brightly overhead, casting a wonderful light in both rooms.

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