parody motivator generator

i love the stuff from, the makers of demotivator stuff. we have a few of their posters around our office here at ys. we have pretty, framed versions of this one, this one (which is in our break room), this one (also in our break room), and this one (in our conference room). i got nice “thank you” plaques made for a couple consultants, using this one. and i bought this t-shirt for myself (and just now, as i was retrieving the url for that link, ordered a few more).

so, you can imagine how happy i am to find that the good people at have offered up a demotivator generator. really, you can upload a pic, add a title and motivational sentence. print it out, and bring on the happiness.

i, for one, have just made this lovely motivational poster, using a photo of myself, jay howver, tic long and david welch (some of my ys co-workers):

team unity poster2.jpg

(ht to the dad of chloe and noelle, who is in the photo)

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